Alufe Kft in Székesfehérvár had been manufacturing modern aluminium windows, doors, façade components, and curtain walls as early as 1968 when this plant belonged to the state owned ’fémmunkás’ company.
At that time this was the largest and the most modern plant in Central-Eastern Europe.
At the beginning of the 90s Alufe became independent and in 1993 it was privatised by Rheinhold and Mahla AG, München. Due to the new owner the name of the company was changed to R&M ALUFE Kft.
  R&M Group offered extensive opportunities to the company in the German and international markets. Numerous important projects, which contributed to the fame and the recognition of the company were carried out in Germany and in other countries.

During the Rheinhold& Mahla era, the  R&M Intermontage Kft , the other R+M subsidiary which was the market leader at that time in façade technology, used  the Alufe manufacturing capacity and took part in almost every major investments in Hungary and in numerous Central-Eastern European construction projects.

In  November 2003 Frontal Holding Rt acquired Alufe Kft.

Under the supervision of the new owner we managed to maintain our long and good relationship with foreign customers at the same time we acquired numerous new prominent Hungarian and foreign development companies who became our clients.  

The core business of the company has remained unchanged but now complex engineering service (planning, installation) for aluminium, stone, glass façades and various refurbishment works have been added to the scope of activities. The company is able to provide complex services for aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls, steel, glass, stone and ceramic façades and glass roofs and cupolas. The applied technologies have been modernised in the last few years.

From the beginning of the 21st century Alufe has been a dominant market player  and one of the market leaders. Alufe now has succeeded in building important international business relationships in the field of planning and manufacturing of element façades.

Since 2003 Frontal Holding Rt has supervised the operation of other former R&M subsidiaries: FRONTAL Intermontage Kft. and ALUTEAM FRONTAL Kft.

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