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The facade is the business card of every building

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​Our company has gained serious recognition in the field of manufacturing aluminium façade elements both on the national and international market. During our existence of more than half a century, our products have distinguished themselves by high quality and the use of leading technologies. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and of our long list of satisfied customers and partners. Learn about the history and achievements of our company on our pages and see the compilation of our references. We hope that the information we have gathered will also meet your needs.

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​ Beauty is not everything...

Today's modern buildings have to fulfil high expectations  ​

​The technical and quality requirements for façades have become increasingly complex in recent years. They must be aesthetic, environmentally friendly and fully integrable. To meet these requirements completely, imaginative and creative ideas are needed, as well as systems specifically designed for façade construction. The façade ensures invisible protection against moisture and fire as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.