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​ Articles published in the press

Octogon Magazine
​Edition 2020/6.

Octogon Magazine published in its edition 2020/6. an article about the imposing AGORA Tower building in Budapest's business district, which was constructed by ALUFE Kft.

​Complete article in pdf format  ​Complete article on the website of Octogon 
Magyar Építéstechnika magazine
​Edition March 2020

​The Magyar Építéstechnika magazine published the following article about the AGORA Tower in March 2020. 

​Complete article in the Magyar Építéstechnika magazine 
Architektur International
​Edition 2011/1.

​Two articles about the Frontal company group were published in this well-known trade magazine. 

​Daimler AG - Implementation of Headquarter  ​Introducing of the FRONTAL Group 
Magyar Építőipar magazine
​Edition 2009/3.

The Magyar Építőipar trade magazine published in its issue 3/2009 a review of the new headquarters of MTV, one of the projects of Alufe Kft. 

​MTV headquarters 
Építés trade magazine
​Edition 2009/4.

​In edition 4/2009 of the Építés trade magazine, you can read the article of our senior projectplanner Zsolt Pigler, entitled Installation of curtain walls.

​Installation of curtain walls 

​ Earned Level Awards

​2023 ALUTA Construction Level Award 
​In the category Large Project

​H2O Office building "B", Budapest

Investor: ​SKANSKA Construction Hungary Ltd.
Architect: ​​Studio IN_EX
ALUFE ​activity:

  ​element façade  
  ​​​curtain wall

Total surface: 8.800 m²
Execution period: 2021-2022

​2008 ALUTA Construction Level Award 
​In the category Large Project

​ Millennium City Center 7A and 7B  , Budapest

Architect: ​Vadász és Társai Építőművész Kft.  Vadász Bence, Vadász György, Miklós Zoltán
ALUFE ​activity:

  ​aluminium-glass façade  
  ​doors / windows  
  ​element façade  
  ​special double-skin climate façade

Total surface: 8.000 m²
Execution period: 2007

​ 2010 ALUTA Construction Level Award
In the category Large Project

​ Simplon Courtyard, Budapest

Investor: Buda Apartman Ingatlanhasznosító Kft.
Architect: T2a Építésziroda Kft. Turányi Bence
ALUFE activity:

  ​curtain wall  
  ​doors / windows  
  ​façade cladding  
  ​glass cladding  
  ​glass railing system  
  external venetian blinds

Total surface: 9.400 m²
Execution period: 2009

2006 ALUTA Construction Level Award

Roosevelt Center, Budapest

Investor: BHG Roosevelt Kft.
General contractor: ARCHITEKTON Zrt.
Architect: ​​Turányi és Simon Építésziroda Kft.       Turányi Bence, Turányi Gábor
ALUFE ​activity:

​●  ​complete building cladding  
​●  ​stone cladding  
​●  ​windows  
​●  ​curtain wall

Total surface: 16.000 m²
Execution period: 2004 - 2006

2005 ALUTA Construction Level Award

​ University of Szeged

Investor: ​​BAUCONT RT.
General contractor: BAUCONT-MAGYAR ÉPÍTŐ
Archit​ect: ​​Szántó & Mikó Építészek Tervező Irodája Kft.
ALUFE ​activity:

​​●  ​​​aluminium-glass façade  
​●  ​​glass-roofing  
​●  ​​partition walls

Total surface: 4.600 m²
Construction period: 2003 - 2004

2004 ALUTA Level Award Special Award

BETA III, Münich, Germany

Investor: ​Brunner & Co.
Architect: ​DMP Architekten
ALUFE ​activity:

​​●  ​​alu-glass-façade  
​●  ​​doors / windows  
​●  ​​portal  
●  ​curtainwall made of steel  
●  ​roof  
●  ​escape stairs made of steel  
●  ​balconies for cleaning and for sunshading

Total surface: 9.600 m²
Construction period: 2002 - 2003